Cadet Opportunities

Summer Training

Cadets can do additional training over the summer months at one of 23 Cadet Summer Training Centres (CSTCs) if they apply through their corps. Cadets must be parading with a corps prior to March 31st of the training year to apply.

Courses Offered

Seamanship, Sailing, Music, Drill and Ceremonial, Ship’s and Small Boat Operator, Boatswains Mate, Ship Wright

International Exchanges

Select senior cadets are chosen from sea cadet corps across Canada to participate in International Exchanges and / or Cultural Visits.  The following is a list of countries that partake in these training opportunities:

Australia, Bermuda, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom; and The United States Of America.

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Selected cadets can participate in deployments on naval vessels, tall ships, and the Canadian Coast Guard.

Education Opportunities

Cadets can submit proof of training completion to their high school for up to an additional 12 elective high school credits between grades 10-12

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Graduating Sea Cadets can apply for the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Scholarship